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Event Recap: Friars Club Entertainment Icon Awards

Al Malnik Receives Icon Award for Philanthropy

Embed from Getty Images On June 20th, 2016, Alvin Malnik was honored at the all-star Friars Foundation Gala in New York City beside Tony Bennett. Malnik was awarded for his generous giving over the years by receiving the Friars Club Icon Award for Philanthropy, while Bennett received the Friars Club Entertainment Icon Award for his  Continue Reading

Friars Club Icon Award for Philanthropy

Recognizing Al Malnik for his accomplishments in the world of philanthropy

The Friars Club’s Board of Governors has named Alvin Malnik to be the recipient of the Friars Club Icon Award for Philanthropy, which he will receive on June 20, 2016 in New York. Alvin Malnik was born on May 23, 1933 in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he would later attend Washington University and receive a  Continue Reading

Al and Shareef Malnik

Decades of Business Success is a Family Affair

Challenging, tricky, and complex; father-son business duos are all three. If a high level of success and accomplishments are mitigating factors in increased challenges for family run businesses, than Alvin Malnik and Shareef Malnik should certainly have their fair share and more. Alvin Malnik’s personal, business and philanthropic accomplishments are well known, and the list  Continue Reading

The Forge Restaurant, Miami Beach

An award-winning restaurant located in Miami

The Forge, an award-winning restaurant located in Miami, is one of the most recognized names in fine dining around the world. A Miami mainstay for more than half a century, the venue has been a reflection of the city’s cultural and economic changes from the moment Dino Phillips developed the space in the early 1920s  Continue Reading

Brett Ratner


2007 Interview Part 1 Brett Ratner, the Miami Beach Cubanito who directs huge box-office hits and hosts such notoriously star-studded parties at his Beverly Hills mansion that he played himself at one of these high-powered schmooze fests in an episode of HBO’s Entourage. Is pretty confident his new film, Rush Hour 3, will get trashed  Continue Reading

Alvin Malnik

Alvin Malnik